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Routine Traffic Stop Nets Major Drug Dealer

A Waco, TX man was who police described as a known drug trafficker was arrested on August 10, in Dyer County, Tennessee, according to   Dyer County Police seized over $80,000 from the car off Ben Virgil Burkett, 44, after a police detected a marijuana odor on a routine traffic stop. Sgt. Danny Petrie discovered a toolbox in the trunk that had the cash—mostly in smaller bills—and 25 rolled marijuana joints along with five cell phones.  Burkett denied that the drugs and cash were his. “Drug traffickers commonly deny ownership of large amounts of money found in their possession,” said Dyersburg Police Sheriff Jeff Box. Burkett was originally charged with possession of Schedule VI with intent to sell, but that was later reduced to possession of drug and he was released on time served and a $250 fine.  Burkett served six years in prison after he was arrested in Texas…
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North Texas Sweep of Mexican Drug Cartel Nets 30 Criminals

According to The Dallas Morning News, about 30 people were arrested in North Texas on August 16 on trafficking and drug possession charges and other related offenses.  The massive crackdown was the result of a federal investigation into Mexican drug cartels.  The DEA has offered no details to the media on the investigation. “We continue to pursue elements of several transnational drug trafficking organizations impacting the metroplex,” said DEA agent James Capra.  The cartel, formerly known as La Familia, has been the target of authorities for a long time and officially disbanded last January after authorities killed its leader, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez.  The supply line used by the cartel is still apparently intact however, running methamphetamine and other drugs from Mexico into the border states of the US. According to court documents showing wiretap requests, the investigation has been ongoing since summer 2009.  None of the arrested members have been…
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176 Parolees Removed From Texas Sex Offender List

176 Texas parolees have been removed from the state’s official sex offender list, according to the Austin Statesman.  They are no longer ordered to attend sex counseling classes and are not required to register as sex offenders any longer. According to Jason Clark, spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, many of the parolees removed were originally forced to register as a sex offender despite never having committed a sex crime. A series of court decisions declared these designations, known as Special Condition X, unconstitutional.  The state has declined comment, and the Austin Statesman was able to retrieve records via the Texas Public Information Act. So, essentially the state is no longer allowed to force parolees to register as sex offenders if they have not been convicted of a sex crime, where they could previously.  This should help out hundreds of falsely accused and registered sex offenders find work…
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