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Federal Investigation Probes TCU Drug Ring

Several high-profile football players at Texas Christian University are facing possession of drug with intent to distribute charges after a six-month federal investigation. Police arrested 18 people in connection with the operation, including 15 students—both high school and college. Four were on the football team. Police are still searching for one suspect. “Some of these young people will get plea deals, just like any other kid from the barrio or any other poor kid would get, unless someone tries to make an example of these privileged TCU kids,” said Jim Shaw, a Fort Worth attorney who represents two of the arrested suspects. “The problem with that is you don’t necessarily have to be privileged to go to TCU. I don’t think these people should be labeled as criminals forever.” The arrested parties are accused of selling marijuana and other controlled substances. The students are accused of selling the drugs to…
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A Fresh Start and How to avoid Going Back to Prison

Each year nearly 650,000 people are released from prisons back into the public. Over half of them will re-enter the prison system at some point. This number is way too high, and there are many factors at play here. Less than half of released prisoners are able to avoid brushes with the law for three years. How can you keep yourself from going back to jail? The prison system may offer you support for your release, including educational classes before your release and support groups once you get out. You must also be proactive and take steps yourself to avoid going back to jail, not just depend on the state-mandated classes. Depending on your circumstances, you may have to disassociate yourself from friends and family members who engage in and encourage illegal activity. This can be extremely difficult and your loved ones may not understand, but you have to give…
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Dallas Man Arrested for Child Pornography on Cell Phone

A Lancaster man lost his cell phone recently, but that was only the beginning of his problems. Scott A Tartan, 32, is now facing federal child pornography possession charges, according to the Beaumont Enterprise. On January 1, a woman found Tartan’s cell phone at a gas station off Interstate 35. The phone was locked with a password, so the woman was not able to attempt to return it to Tartan because she had no access to the contacts. About an hour later, Tartan called the phone, offered the woman $250 to return it, and gave the woman the password so she could call him to set up a location and time to return it. For unknown reasons, the woman became suspicious and begin looking through the phone’s contents. Upon discovering the sexually explicit photographs of minors the woman contacted the Lancaster police. Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement discovered…
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