Elementary School Principal Arrested on Drug Charges

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An elementary school teacher in Dallas County, Alabama is facing serious drug charges, according to sources. Aaron McKinley, the principal at Shiloh Elementary School, was arrested on May 24. Selma Police Chief William Riley says investigators caught McKinley selling Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, prescription pain killers, on school grounds.

Riley said that McKinley was selling the drugs “to an individual on school property.” Nothing in the reports indicated he was selling to school children. McKinley could face very serious charges because the sale occurred on school grounds.

“We are both shocked and saddened about the allegation involving Mr. McKinley,” the Dallas County School Board said in a released statement. “However, well will take the necessary steps to protect our students and the reputation of the Dallas County Board of Education.”

If you are facing possession of drug charges and were arrested near a school zone, you could be facing more serious charges, regardless of whether you had intent to sell to children.

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