Don’t Risk Your Job, Reputation, or Freedom

Dallas Criminal Lawyer Christy Harris Defends Your Rights


If you are facing criminal charges, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to contact an experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney immediately to represent you in your case.  Former Dallas County Prosecutor Christy Harris knows the kind of evidence that it takes to get a conviction against you, and how the state operates in terms of charging you with a crime.  If you delay in hiring a Dallas criminal lawyer, you risk allowing the state even more time to gather evidence, line up witnesses, and otherwise build a solid criminal case against you.  If you go unrepresented even during the initial stages of an investigation, you may unwittingly give the state additional evidence that will only hurt your defense to any criminal charges.  You need a strong defense team on your side to give you the best chance of avoiding a criminal conviction altogether.  Contacting Dallas criminal attorney Christy Harris is your first step toward fighting the criminal charges that the state has filed against you.  Remember that even a conviction for a relatively minor crime can have long-lasting severe consequences on your life, whether they relate to your job, your reputation, or your freedom.

Criminal Convictions and Your Employment

Criminal convictions are likely to negatively affect your current and future employment opportunities.  For instance, some employers require that you have no driving-related criminal convictions.  Even if you have a minor driving-related conviction, you may be unable to obtain employment with that particular employer.  Likewise, in certain types of industries, your employer may not be happy to learn that you recently have spent a few days in jail.  As a result, you may receive discipline at work, or even lose your job.

Potential for Mandatory Incarceration

As courts nationwide continue to crack down on crime, a conviction for even a first-time criminal misdemeanor offense may result in some amount of jail time.  It is rare to find a criminal offense that carries absolutely no possibility of jail time.  Incarceration can cause you to lose your job, miss important family events, and suffer public humiliation in front of your neighbors and friends.  Additionally, incarceration is never a pleasant or positive experience, even under the best of circumstances.

Negative Effects on Your Criminal History

A criminal conviction typically must remain on your criminal history forever.  Although there are some circumstances where a court can order your conviction expunged, or removed from your criminal history, these situations are rare, and generally involve only minor crimes.  The likelihood is that your criminal conviction will appear every time you undergo a criminal background check, whether you are applying for a job or volunteering at your child’s school.  Some kinds of criminal convictions will absolutely prevent you from obtaining some types of employment, renting certain places, and engaging in certain activities, all due to their impact on your criminal history.

Other Potential Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Furthermore, depending on the nature of your criminal conviction, you may suffer other penalties, as well, that are not necessarily criminal in nature.  For instance, if you have a sex crime conviction, you may have to register as a sex offender for life, avoid living within so many feet of schools or daycare facilities, and have only limited contact with children.  If you receive a conviction for a violent crime, you may be unable to carry a gun.  If you have a felony drug conviction, you could be ineligible for federal student loans if you wish to go back to school.  If you commit a repeated number of some driving-related criminal offenses, you may never operate a motor vehicle again.  If you receive a criminal drug or alcohol conviction, you may even put yourself at risk of losing custody of your children.  All of these negative consequences have the potential to stem from a single criminal conviction, which is another reason to have an experienced criminal attorney on your side from the very beginning of your case.  Contact the Law Office of Christine Harris today for the aggressive representation that you need and deserve when facing serious criminal charges.

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