Criminal Charges?

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When you face criminal charges in the state of Texas, you are at the risk of losing everything that you deem important in your life, including your job, your family, your friends, your reputation, your freedom and perhaps even your life itself. Even if you are innocent of the criminal charges against you, you still stand to lose everything if the state successfully prosecutes and convicts you of a serious crime. In this situation, you must take the initiative by obtaining the assistance of a skilled Dallas criminal attorney like Christy Harris to see your case through. Contact former Dallas County prosecutor Christy Harris for the type of vigorous and assertive defense that you need to combat unwarranted criminal charges and for answers to your questions about criminal defense.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery involve situations where unwanted touches or threats of harm occur.  In the state of Texas, the crimes of assault and battery can be misdemeanor offenses, or felony offenses, which can result in much harsher penalties. These crimes can become more serious felony offenses when bodily injury results from the crime, where the perpetrator uses a deadly weapon or in other selected factual circumstances.

Burglary, Robbery and Theft

The crimes of burglary, robbery and theft all concern the taking of an item of property belonging to another person, without his or her consent, and with no intent to return the item to its rightful owner. Burglary adds the element of unauthorized entry into a structure in order to carry out the theft.  On the other hand, robbery occurs when a theft involves the use of force or the threat of use of force.  These types of crimes can range from fairly minor (petty theft) to very serious (armed robbery), with corresponding penalties.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes carry a range of penalties, based on the classification of the particular drug involved under Texas law, as well as the amount of the drug and the factual situation surrounding the crime. Mere possession of a small amount of certain drugs, then, would result in lesser penalties than selling a large quantity of another type of drug. With America’s continuing war on drugs, however, drug crime convictions can bring about significant terms of incarceration.

Manslaughter and Murder

Since the crimes of manslaughter and murder both concern the death of a person as caused by the perpetrator, they obviously are very serious crimes with severe penalties.  Anyone facing such criminal charges should immediately contact a skilled Dallas criminal lawyer for assistance, as murder charges can result not only in the loss of one’s freedom, but also in the loss of one’s life.

Sexual Crimes

Many sexual crimes under Texas law carry lengthy periods of incarceration, but other devastating penalties as well. For instance, many sex crime convictions in Texas result in mandatory sex offender registration for a certain time period, if not for life, as well as restrictions on the areas in which you can live and work. Therefore, convictions for sexual crimes can negatively impact all aspects of your life, including your job, your home, your family and your freedom.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes in the state of Texas, such as aggravated assault, kidnapping and robbery, all carry the risk of very long prison sentences, high fines and other penalties. Due to the seriousness of these crimes, no one should be without an aggressive Dallas criminal defense attorney to represent him or her before the court.

No matter the circumstances of your situation, criminal charges in any form are stressful and frightening for most people, and may have serious, long lasting consequences for you and your family. Do not delay in enlisting the defense attorney that you need to help you build an aggressive and successful defense to your charges. Contact the Law Office of Christine Harris today to ensure that you are getting effective representation for your criminal case.

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