Seeking to Expunge Your Criminal Record?

Dallas Criminal Attorney Christy Harris Wants to Assist You

Photo of a criminal background check formArrest records can significantly affect your life and may negatively influence your chances of acquiring a job. Fortunately, the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure allows for the expunction of criminal records under certain conditions. Our Dallas criminal attorney Christy Harris has significant experience in criminal defense litigation, including working as an Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office for many years. She is able to bring this knowledge as well as a compassion for her clients when working with you throughout the process of criminal record expunction.

When is a Criminal Record Eligible for Expunction?

Not all arrests are eligible for expunction from a criminal record. Some arrests are permanent, and convictions are generally ineligible for expunction. However, courts may be able to clear arrest records if your criminal charges fit under any of the following circumstances:

  • No charges were filed
  • Filed charges were dismissed
  • You were acquitted
  • You were forgiven based on actual innocence

Other situations may merit the opportunity to clear an arrest record as outlined in Chapter 55 of the Texas Code for Criminal Procedure. Nonetheless, courts will not simply wipe your record clean if you meet one of the stated conditions. All individuals are required to go through the expunction process to clear a criminal record.

How to Expunge a Criminal Record

To clear a criminal record, you must follow a specific process:

  • Fill out a Petition for Expunction of Criminal records form and have it notarized.
  • Acquire an official record of your fingerprints.
  • File both your fingerprints and the petition in the District Clerk’s Office for the county where the offense reportedly occurred or where the arrest took place.
  • Send a copy of the petition to the prosecuting District or County Attorney by certified mail, and request a return receipt to ensure they receive your petition.
  • Attend the court hearing. This allows a judge to hear your case and is necessary to clear a criminal record.

The judge will only expunge your record if you meet all the criteria and if no one opposing expunction is able to make a convincing argument against clearing your record. The process of requesting record clearance may be complex, but a criminal defense lawyer can provide valuable assistance throughout the process and can improve your chances of receiving an expunction.

Our Dallas Criminal Lawyer Wants to Help You Get a Fresh Start

If you believe that your criminal record may be eligible for expunction, take action to make sure that this information does not ruin your future. Get your criminal record expunged with the assistance of our Dallas criminal attorney Christy Harris. She works to ensure your petition is accurate, and that you take all necessary measures to clean up your criminal history. You can contact Christy Harris today by calling (214) 646-1818 to learn more about your legal rights.

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