Facing a Probation Violation Charge?

Dallas Criminal Attorney Christy Harris Can Protect Your Rights

Picture of a person in handcuffsWhen an individual serving a probation period receives accusations that they have violated the terms of their probation, the consequences can be severe. Courts may revoke probation as well as issue a warrant for the individual’s arrest. If a probation officer accuses you of violating your probation, you must act immediately to obtain legal support from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. Dallas criminal attorney Christy Harris has the legal knowledge to protect your rights with years of experience both prosecuting and defending individuals. If you do not act now, your freedom could be at risk.

How Did I Violate My Probation?

If placed under the supervision of a probation officer, this probation requires you to meet certain requirements. Whether you are serving a deferred adjudication community supervision or judicial community supervision, certain actions may violate a probation sentence. If a probation officer suspects that you violated your probation, the officer will report this to the court.

Some of the actions that can cause you to violate your probation include:

  • Not reporting to the probation officer on time
  • Not appearing for a scheduled court date
  • Failure to pay any fines or restitution
  • Traveling to unauthorized locations, such as beyond state lines, without the permission of your probation officer
  • Not completing community service requirements
  • Failing a urinalysis test
  • Committing a separate offense

Legal Rights and the Probation Violation Process

If you are facing charges of probation violation, you have the right to:

  • Receive written notice of any reported violations
  • Be heard in court by a neutral judge, since juries are not permitted in these cases
  • Present evidence and witnesses for your case
  • Arrange for representation by a professional attorney

A probation officer may choose to issue a warning for a violation or can involve you in a court case for the violation. A probation violation case necessitates a penalty for the breach of the probation conditions, which may include serving time in jail. Numerous factors, such as the severity of the violation or any history of previous warnings and past probation violations may affect the probation officer’s decision.

Prosecuting attorneys must prove that the violation occurred by a likelihood of greater than 50 percent, otherwise known as a “preponderance of evidence.” This is a much lower standard for prosecutors to prove in most criminal cases, which require prosecutors to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the defendant is guilty. If found guilty of a probation violation, the court may extend your probation period, stipulate more conditions to the probation, require time in jail or even sentence you to prison. The court may also force those serving deferred adjudication community supervision to serve their original prison sentence if found in violation of their probation.

Get Legal Assistance from our Dallas Criminal Lawyer

With the prosecution only needing to prove by a “preponderance of evidence” to find you in violation of your probation, individuals facing these consequences need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to uphold their rights. Attorney Christy Harris works with alleged probation violators to ensure the law upholds their rights, and that they have the opportunity to get through community supervision successfully. If your probation officer has accused you of a probation violation, contact Dallas criminal lawyer Christy Harris today at (214) 646-1818 today.

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