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Judge Denies Sandusky Appeal, Orders Victims’ Identities to Be Revealed For Trial

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a request to delay the trial of former Penn State University assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, according to Fox News. Sandusky is facing child sexual assault charges after allegedly abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period while he was a coach at Penn State. As jury selection was set to begin, Sandusky’s attorneys requested a continuance, which was denied. A judge also ruled that the victims are prohibited from using pseudonyms and must use their real identities at trial. “Sex offenders continue their behaviors until they are caught and stopped, and the only way that we know who those people are is when victims are brave enough to come forward and tell us,” said Kristen Houser, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. Rape victims and children’s identities are often sealed during the course of trial to protect the victims’ privacy under rape shield laws,…
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The Ugly Truth about False Rape Accusations

Victims of sexual assault should always come forward if they are attacked. According to the American Medical Association, sexual violence, especially rape, is the most under-reported violent crime in the United States. But what happens when a person falsely accuses another of rape or sexual assault? The FBI estimates the number of rape accusations that are “unfounded” to be around 8 percent, and sexual assault and rape are amongst the worst crimes a person can be accused of. Filing a false rape report is a misdemeanor—the same as filing any other false police report. Child sexual assault is another crime that is falsely reported, sometimes to get back at a teacher, parent or a coach. While the crime itself is a felony, the false reporting of it is a misdemeanor. According to a study by the False Allegations Against Carers and Teachers (FACT), in 2000 there was a 90 percent…
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New Jersey Teacher Arrested on Child Sexual Assault Charges

A New Jersey high school teacher pleaded not guilty to child sexual assault charges before a state judge on May 15, according to NorthJersey.com. 26-year-old Kristin Leone is accused of sleeping with a 16-year-old male student. “I am very hurt,” said the alleged victim’s mother. “But the Lord Jesus Christ has given me the comfort I need. I thank my church and my brothers and sisters of Christ, for their support.” Judge Greta Gooden Brown released Leone on $100,000 bail on the condition she have no unsupervised contact with children. The alleged assault occurred when Leone was tutoring the student after school in a classroom, and another incident at Leone’s home. There is no evidence that the assault was forceful in nature or coerced, but the prosecution claims that the relationship is illegal because of Leone’s “supervisory role” and her position of authority. Leone denied the charges. While it is…
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