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Study Unveils Startling Statistics on Wrongful Convictions

A study released by the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University and the University of Michigan Law School reveals many eye-opening statistics on wrongful convictions and exonerations. As more convictions are overturned and innocent citizens exonerated, it makes you wonder how many more people are still wrongfully imprisoned in the United States. According to reports, there have been 873 exonerations in the United States since 1989. The same report cited 1,170 cases in which police framed innocent persons since 1995, usually for drug and gun charges. Here are some other shocking statistics revealed in the report: Approximately 90 percent of exonerated persons are male. 50 percent of exonerated persons are African-American and 11 percent are Latino. Approximately 50 percent of the exonerated persons were convicted on homicide charges; one third were for sexual assaults. 101 persons had been sentenced to death. The average wrongfully convicted person spent 11.9 years…
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Extensive Study on Wrongful Convictions Released

A recent study released by the National Registry of Exonerations indicates that DNA evidence has a smaller role in exonerations than many experts believed, according to the Dallas Morning News. The study analyzed 873 wrongful convictions spanning from 1989 to 2012—it is the largest database of wrongful convictions ever assembled. On average, each wrongfully convicted person spend over 11 years imprisoned. 93 percent of those wrongfully convicted are men and 7 percent are women. The vast majority are wrongfully convicted on murder and sexual assault charges. “A national registry that gives us reasons why these people were wrongfully convicted will help us fix the system,” says Gary Udashen, a Dallas attorney and president of the Innocence Project of Texas. “And that’s what we’re all trying to do.” False eyewitness testimony, police misconduct, and misleading forensic evidence can all lead to wrongful convictions. Thirty seven percent of wrongful convictions are overturned…
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The Ugly Truth about False Rape Accusations

Victims of sexual assault should always come forward if they are attacked. According to the American Medical Association, sexual violence, especially rape, is the most under-reported violent crime in the United States. But what happens when a person falsely accuses another of rape or sexual assault? The FBI estimates the number of rape accusations that are “unfounded” to be around 8 percent, and sexual assault and rape are amongst the worst crimes a person can be accused of. Filing a false rape report is a misdemeanor—the same as filing any other false police report. Child sexual assault is another crime that is falsely reported, sometimes to get back at a teacher, parent or a coach. While the crime itself is a felony, the false reporting of it is a misdemeanor. According to a study by the False Allegations Against Carers and Teachers (FACT), in 2000 there was a 90 percent…
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