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Judge Denies Sandusky Appeal, Orders Victims’ Identities to Be Revealed For Trial

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected a request to delay the trial of former Penn State University assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky, according to Fox News. Sandusky is facing child sexual assault charges after allegedly abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period while he was a coach at Penn State. As jury selection was set to begin, Sandusky’s attorneys requested a continuance, which was denied. A judge also ruled that the victims are prohibited from using pseudonyms and must use their real identities at trial. “Sex offenders continue their behaviors until they are caught and stopped, and the only way that we know who those people are is when victims are brave enough to come forward and tell us,” said Kristen Houser, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. Rape victims and children’s identities are often sealed during the course of trial to protect the victims’ privacy under rape shield laws,…
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Penn State Pledges Donations To Sexual Abuse Victims

Penn State University agreed to pledge $1.5 million to sex crime victim groups in light of the recent sexual abuse scandal involving former football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, according to Fox News. The money generated by Penn State’s bowl game this year will be used for the donation. “This presents an excellent opportunity for Penn State to raise the national visibility of this issue,” said University President Rod Erickson. “Our students and fans are focused on a cause to play for, to cheer for.” Sandusky is accused of child sexual assault against many victims over a 15-year span. It has caused Penn State much unwanted publicity in the last several weeks. “I think this is a good start for a lot of good things that can happen at the university,” says 21-year-old student Andrew Comes. “It’s a singularly bad event, but there can still be positive repercussions and good things…
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Criminal Charges Filed, Resignations Turned In Following Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

Two high ranking officials at Penn State University are accused of child sexual assault and a cover-up, according to the Associated Press.  Jerry Sandusky resigned on November 6 in light of the accusations.  Sandusky served on the Penn State coaching staff as the defensive coordinator and once thought to be the heir to legendary head coach Joe Paterno. Senior Vice President Gary Schultz announced he will retire and athletic director Tim Curley asked to go on administrative leave as the two will face perjury charges for their involvement in a cover-up of the sexual abuse scandal.  They are charged with perjury after their statements to a grand jury about Sandusky.  They are expected to turn themselves in to authorities.  Sandusky faces 40 sexual abuse charges, 21 of which are felonies.  According to reports, Sandusky molested 8 boys between 1994 and 2009.  He retired in 1999 but stayed active in the…
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